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*Toxic Writers*

I’ve met some exotic writers creative writers and innovative writers on wordpress.com only the toxic writers receive no credit in this quote By: Van Prince


Killa I put you on blast Carla’s World seems like a thing in the past remembering her checking your ass calling you a jackass you let it pass ’cause you are a jackass by bring my queen in a conversation she wasn’t in she’s gonna blast you from beginning to end if Carla let you… Continue reading *Jackass*

*A Tribute To Profound Talent*

What is the original name for Opportunity? “America is another name for opportunity.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson Difficult v. Easy! “All things are difficult before they are easy.”- Thomas Fuller Another definition of competition: “Competition is a sin.”- John D. Rockefeller What’s the difference between good and bad? “There is nothing either good or bad, but… Continue reading *A Tribute To Profound Talent*

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