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*1000 Posts*

I awaken this morning to a math count that wordpress.com had sent me which read: “Congratulations on writing 1000 posts on poetwriter408874735. wordpress.com- I appreciate such a congrats and honor from wordpress.com cause it demonstrates that-which I teach, preach, and believe to be good at writing we must keep writing- By: Van Prince

*Key Words*

Everyday I write turning prose into poems I use key catch-words not used by others until I arrived- You may not like me you may hate me you may love me why? I pen things you hate cause it shows the real negative you you may like it cause you know I’m right you may… Continue reading *Key Words*

*Live v. Exist*

You are too fat go from fat to phat to your original health and wellness weight cause right now all you bring to the table is your greedy appetite you aren’t living you only exist my medical advice to you is: if you don’t diet you may die but for sure you will not live… Continue reading *Live v. Exist*

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