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Genius captured lighting in a class creating Electricity bringing Mankind out of darkness bridging the gap between Simplicity *&* Complexity- Genius influenced an Oil Well into a can greasing rust *&* squeaks out of technology- Genius merged Diamond *&* Gold Mines manifesting the world’s fist flawless *&* priceless Wedding Ring- Genius invented Offset Printing from… Continue reading *Genius*


From write-it to right-it bridging the gap between writer *&*editor convincing the publisher to turn the writer’s manuscript into a book transforming the writer into an author By: Van Prince


I kiss her right until she hugged me right I got deep into her day and night I hit it right *Right-It*- She downloaded I uploaded hitting it deep humping it feeling it she screamed she creamed she floated upstream engulfing me with her hot dream turning into a passionate reality beyond her desirable fantasies… Continue reading *Right-It*

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