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*Tribute To The Greats*

I dedicate this masterpiece to those who follow my blog: What would a great say about *Opportunity*; “America is another name for opportunity.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson What would a great say about *Difficult* & and *Easy*; All things are difficult before they are easy.” -Thomas Fuller Whwoud a great say about *Competition*; “Competition is a sin.”… Continue reading *Tribute To The Greats*

*When Truth Manifest*

When truth arrives lies take a ride going to hide with jealous haters with poison snakes attached truth run away each and every day those with adverse intentions into world prisons into isolated finality such scumbags are counterproductive to society truth never fail truth always prevail By: Van Prince


Scammers con johns outta money with promises of honey promising victims something they end up with nothing don’t hate the playa hate the game the only ones getting beat outta something gullible suckers looking for something for nothing all 4 seasons from Spring to Summers con artist Scammers go from a ghetto places with game… Continue reading *Scammers*

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