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*The Passion of Intimate Love*

Hug *&* kiss your mate undress become intimate yes sex yes beyond sex make love to each other love 1 another with much love experiencing ultimae love with your mate pure-sure-ture love is intimate- Intimate love comprising true love is the passionate way man and woman by Nature is commanded to love by Life that… Continue reading *The Passion of Intimate Love*

*Catch Words*

Catch words create new worlds akin to toys fancinate boys and girls- Mid-catching words of mines capture readers and fans minds from my posts from my comments to other writers’ posts- Such catch words as: It is what it is, been there, done that, copy that, *&* the new catch word: *It’s Complicated* dominate world… Continue reading *Catch Words*

*What Writers To Support*

Some writers support only writers who support their writings I refer to such exchange fair exchange ain’t robbery- Some writers only support their followers those who they follow I refer to such reasoning playing 2-ends against the middle, *&* burning the candles at both ends- I support credible writers where they follow me or my… Continue reading *What Writers To Support*

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