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*Lets Make Something Together*

Poets woman *&* man can make something together that-which is poetic love of course the strongest passion in the contours of love but they must be poets who compliment each other in the poetic arena in every area of back-*&*-forth one love poem to the other with each answering the other equally which is the… Continue reading *Lets Make Something Together*

*Difference Races Built America*

America is the most powerful Country in the world Only the Indians are Natives of America Blacks brought from Africa *&* enslaved in America for three centuries America used free slave labor to help build America- The Irish came to America as farmers but ended up digging the Erie Canal- The Italians came to America… Continue reading *Difference Races Built America*


When reading *&* writing is your passion *&* your desire is to express yourself *&* feel yourself you are a prolific writer whether you like philosophy, love gender comprising fiction, mystery, education, thriller, or other genres are all good comprising honest comments is heartfelt honesty By: Van Prince

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