*You Can’t Get It Right*

You’re a writer

trying to make life brighter

for yourself and others

yet you scared of what you write

isn’t right nor alright

so you right page after page

ball up page after page

throwing ’em in the trash can

contributing it to writer’s block

wasting time on the clock

you worry about if the readers will like

what you write

you worry about Jack and Jill

getting more comments and likes on their posts

as opposed to your posts

thinking you’re better writers than them

not thinking they have more followers than you

you worry about is your writing perfect

worrying about is your poems flawless

not knowing worrying about everything

is worrying about nothing

just write, some will like your writing

others won’t like what you write

you can’t please everybody

at times not even yourself

write anyway every day

keep writing and say what you say

let the poetic chips fall where they may

By: Van Prince

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