THE *QUEEN* my SoulMate

is working hard to attain success

as a Writer

as a desingner

to express her cornerstone love for *Van Prince*

She’s really and truly *Beat*

I understand that mantra

although I need her love extra

baby get some rest

in pursuit of $grand success$

I show you

I understand you

through how much I love you:

I prepare for you

a special meal on my menu

especially for you

comprising Scrumptious homemade meatloaf,

with cheesy mash potatoes,

sweet corn, and coconut milk poured from the brown shell!

Yes, I love you

I honor you

with a Stone Artist creation

outta my poetic innovation

hewing a marble slab

into your image of mesmerizing beauty

By: Van Prince

7 thoughts on “*Beat*

  1. I love you so much
    If loving you is going to be a crime
    I did pay for it
    You are my long searching soul
    I found you and am not letting you go
    Thanks for been a good man
    And a lover of my heart
    Thanks for chosen me Van Prince


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