The original name for conmen


even before the advent of the internet

comprising new kinds of


better known as scammers

from Summer-to-Summers

very few on social medias not full of games

85% don’t use their image or real names

15% are for real in their claims

from me to you

on social media, you really don’t know if the people you’re talking to

are real or fakes for real

yet some are original

the many are *fakes*

how do you tell the reals

from the *fakes*

you do so through tuition, instinct, gut-feeling

how you feeling about who,that, or the other

negative or positive day or night

you’re usually right

people shortchange themselves when they are looking for something

for nothing, for nothing, for nothing

when it’s to good to be true

it’s usually a lie through and through

only truth can protect you

against *fakes* against you

By: Van Prince

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