*Mariam Shittu*

I wouldn’t normally say this about a writer

Mariam Shittu

is a good writer and poet

her attitude is negative than ole Satan

she time after time

come off foul

on some writers

she’s rotten sour

it is what it is

unusual for me to call a writer out

but what this writer is all about

is counter productive to a literary workout

throughing her out

she’s nasty baggage

prime for garbage

wake-up Mariam Shittu

or wordpress.com writers will bar you

second chances are in order for you

yet you have apologize here

for your disrespect to others more than once

this is your last ounce

of a chance to advance

if you don’t

we won’t

forgive you again

if you want to win

start over

roll over

ask for our forgiveness

banning you don’t bring us happiness

wake-up yourself

or be by yourself

may God bless you


By: Van Prince

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