I am a writer

I am a poet

I have in a post

put out, where I originated from

how I roll

I don’t pull punches

I write about what the majority

desire to to write

afraid to write

I write about

that-which I choose to write about

let the chips fall where they may

every fucking day-

I wrote about all these fake ass members

on all the social medias using fake names

claiming fake money and fame

in the writing game-

Between delusion/*&*illusions

85% using social media

is who, they can’t be in reality

opposed to fantasy
15% are real desiring to love, freak, and fuck

love to Cum

just likethe other 85%

desiring the same thing

afraid to do anything

to promote that something

you are nothing

but fake what-nots

on the shelf

scared to be yourself-

I leave wordpress.com members with this:

“Friendship is more valuable than all Ships

on the otherside of the coin

you can be most sure of anthing except people.” _-Van Prince

By: Van Prince

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