*Mother’s Day*

Woman is the Mother of Mankind

Woman is the Moral Fiber of Civilization

Woman is entitled to be praised every day

her greatest day

is Mother’s Day-

Mother’s Day is a profond day

all human beings

compelled to honor their Mother

each and every day

especially on Mother’s Day-

Every female is a potential Mother

not only honor your Mother

on Mother’s Day

honor every woman on Mother’s Day-

Mother’s Day, by far, the most unforgettable day

to congrats, to honor, to celebrate

mothers on local, national, and international levels

in every country

comprising every race through all cultures

recognizing Mother’s Day

as Women’s most precious day

*Happy Mother’s Day*

By: Van Prince

5 thoughts on “*Mother’s Day*

  1. It’s a wonderful post my dear Prince, so beautifully described about a Woman n the mothers of the world. Your mother sh/be the Proudest Mom to have a Son like you n honors to her for raising a man with such good values n morals. So sweet of you.


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