Does Justice Exist? ⚖️


I think everyone knows about the Israeli-Palestine conflict, no need to introduce what happens in there. It’s really sad and messed up, that we, a pseudo-civilized people living in the 21st century, still need to have wars and massive massacres for some “very important reasons“. But I don’t want to talk about this situation now. Something else is bothering me a little. And maybe it’s not the time to talk about it, but still.

Around six months ago there was a war in my country. I wrote about that topic in here, shared what’s happened and my thoughts and concerns. I knew that there was no use for me in the frontline (like many other brave guys and girls, who volunteered to go there), so I tried to do everything I can from here: donating money to foundations, signing and sharing petitions, raising awareness in social media, using…

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