*Essence of Love*

I love Summa Reddy

an Indian Queen

I am under the power of a poetic hynotic spell

professing my love for Suma-

Love Summa, I do

I’m in love with her too.

Oh, I love the poetic stars sparkling in her eyes

twinkling in my mind;

as her heart heart

glow like a priceless diamond

glittering firy in the fires

of our desires

felt in our souls

that dazzle which sizzle

that burn

in our emotions

mirroring and reflecting

our love for each other

as we love one another.

Oh, I remember how we met on wordpress.com

connecting through our masterpiece writings

we merged together from the start

never-ever depart

courting intense romance

to Cupid’s magic-music dance,

intune to lyrics we pranced

emotionally in love

redefinding the love of lovers

who love each other

with love one for the other

in much love together.

It is I who loves Suma.

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7 thoughts on “*Essence of Love*

  1. Prince, my dear baby your love in each word is soo sharp n has stabbed my heart deep n asking me to write back my love to you with the bleed of feel but I find no words❣🙏


  2. You are the Prince
    I was dreaming off
    from the roof top
    at summer ‘mid’ night
    Under the ‘dim’ moonlight
    Among the shining stars
    You were the ruling king
    Of my heart shining bright
    I look up the sky at nights
    Wondering to see the moon
    Wandering to find my man
    I kept dreaming, I kept watching
    Until I found my darling
    The king of my heart
    Who made my heart smile
    Thinking my dreams end here
    That’s the sweetest part but
    My dreams are still dreams
    Making me to find you
    Where I saw you first
    Looking up the sky
    Hiding my feelings of shy
    Stoping the tears from my eye
    Dropping this poem of love
    Just thanking God for blessing
    Me to be your’s forever
    Loving and living by
    Entering into the realtor
    Of my Prince’s palace
    To make you visit there
    And make my dreams true
    You are my king
    Our love story is the kingdom
    Where you will be ruling
    And I will be serving
    Always n forever
    This poem is never end!


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