is the essentials of Nature

comprising the essence of Life

love has many levels

love of family

love of friends

including love of church and state

love of work to make an honest or dishonest living-


manifested Mankind and materiaized Civilization

where intimate love is true tons of the time

not true lots of times

comprising life is produced through sexual intercoures

should Is say more?-


resulting from true intimate love

is the sweetmess of Narute

as opposed to Life

comprisng many spicies

akin to Oxtail, Rice under dark gravy

with sides of steamed cabbage

and fried corn bread

oh, such love

is God blessing those in love in bliss

as they hug and kiss

loving each other unconditionally

being in love with each other without resesvation

experiencing *The Love*

defined as *Unforgettable Love*


By: Van Prince

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