*Ending An Intimate Love Relationship*

I decided to end the intimate love relation

between myself and the Indian Queen (Suma Reddy)

nothing lasts forever

Suma *&* I

had a fiery intimate love one for the other

between us with respect for each another-

Nothing lasts forever

even most of the good marriages

end in bad divorces

from outside forces-


and I

created love forever posts to each other

here on wordpress.com

that-which is book material

our relationship wasn’t wasted

millions will purchase that book-

I don’t leave her angry

for love she’s not hungry

ha! ha!ha!

we don’t cry

between us our try

would make any country

wet and dry

ha! ha! ha!

it is what it is

real lovers never at each other yell

never-ever kiss and tell

her secrets with me will dwell

always be well

I never kiss and tell

where true intimate love use to dwell

By: Van Prince


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