*Female Poets *&* Writers*

Among us poets *&* writers

it’s time to honor *&* congrats

some of our most sound-solid-profound female

*POETS *&* *Writers*:

Dulcy Singh

Hannah Gandhi



Prazya K.



*&* some more no doubt worthy to be among this creative group

These female poets *&* writer *&* some with artistic skills

are the good-better-best creators of fresh, refreshing

poetic creative content that are 1-of-a-kind

writers that are different makers in the world

to people who love to read

for a million reasons both personally *&* professionally

among these female writers their are two Prodigies

they know who they are by their age

their genius are discovered in each written page

all the female writers here

are indispensable

never expendable

as they pen masterpieces

from precious-to-priceless

for they are rare as an uncut diamond

reminding the world that nature pressure coal into diamonds

Read the works of these writers here…

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