*Key Words*

Everyday I write

turning prose into poems

I use key catch-words

not used by others

until I arrived-

You may not like me

you may hate me

you may love me


I pen things

you hate cause it

shows the real negative you

you may like it cause you know I’m right

you may love it love cause

you know I believe in God above-

Copycats use my key words

nothing wrong with that you see

yet you don’t support me

yet when you use my key words

and mind-catching 1-of-a-kind-phrases

you let me know my new world order

of masterpiece content

that you present

which you represent

is really and truly authentic

in every town, state, country, and city

I think you with all of my literary capacity-

Yes, there are some awesome to supreme

writers on wordpress.com

you know who you are

whom you aren’t

anyway keep writing

as a hobby, as a profession

there is value in all writings

whether personal or profession-

By: Van Prince

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