*Woman’s Intuition*

Instinct *&* Gut-feeling=Intuition

of Woman-

Breastfed from a strong Woman

my Mother raised me, a boy into a strong Man-


is a breeder

breast-milk feeder

pushed 11 children out of her Womb

5 girls, 6 boys=4 writers, 4 artists, 1 doctor, 2 lawyers-


with Grandmamma

nodding approval in the background

handed me the Map

to write a book, titled, *The Gender Gap*

based on Grandmamma-Mamma’s experiences

of observing other Women’s experiences

of prejudice and discrimination

against them by men sanctioned by the male

powers that be

confining Women to inequalities

from the workforce

*&* every part of America

denying Women Equality

men take for granted-

From my manuscript-book Gender Gap theme

from the Uncut Gem

I cut off 1 Jewel dropped into preview

for Americans to view

for those Abroad to see via interview

by all of the major networks:

Woman is the Mother of Mankind

Woman is the Moral Fiber of Civilization

Woman is man’s First Teacher

Woman is Smarter than man

Woman if you encounter a Man smarter than a woman

Woman you meet 1 Man out of 100 with 99 hanging in the balance-

By: Van Prince

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