*Love It*

Love cry out from the Heart,

the Soul answers It,

the mind affirms It,

the body confirms It,

I love It,

*Love It*

By: Van Prince

24 thoughts on “*Love It*

      1. why they are dragging my mom into this even myDoesnt know! OkAY LEAVE IT! Idontcare 😾😾!! Oneday iam gonnaget a slap from my parents😶! Youjust scareme lol
        Alright🐰👌🏻👍🏻🐻Have a nice dayy


      2. Look that’s all covid’s fault!
        If there is no coronavirus then people didn’t get mad! And if they couldn’t bemad! They don’t sayIamnot great if they don’t say iamnot great then i dont feel sad if i don’t feel sad, i focus on myhalloween project and if i focus on my Halloween project it will get successful if it is successful then I CAN scare my friends if i scare my friends then I can WIN😅


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