*Falling Of The Edge*

Writers who fuck

consistently throughout the year

are much better writers

than those who intermitten fuck

to cum, to orgasn, to climax regularly

releases natural creativity

within writers to innovative

opposed to writers who fuck less

release through orgasm less

who isn’t never priceless

opposed to writers who climax consistenly

who’s content is flawless

fucking make you cum,

making your witings more energetic, more terrific, magnetic

from more qualified-to-more bonafide

distilling writers content to it essence to hellifide

from the bottom of the crest

to the pennacle of the crest

falling off the edage

is defined as cilmaxing

as you fuck, cum, orgasm

*Falling Off The Edage*

By: Van Prince


when you take your last breath

you have encountered death

congrats & honors praising death

death isn’t prejudicial

or discriminate nor show favortism

to the rich, to the famous, to strongest

death take the smallest & the biggest

when death arrives

weathy, treasures, money

can’t save you

the pope can’t save you,

the president can’t save you

no power on earth can save you

no matter who, death will claim you

death is the only process proving

all human beings are created equal

no matter what color you are

death is never rare

death is common to all

all have death in common y’all

death demonstrates to the world

all human beings are no better

less or more than each other

all must decease at one time or another

under the process of death

even those with so-called royal blood

must to die, death don’t recognize royal blood

whether you’re from the hood or hollywood

death is your legacy

death is your destiny


By: Van Prince

*Power Of A Poet*

Birds flying South for the Winter

fleeting the soon arriving winter

of the North

with my poetic power

made the south cold

turning the North warm

redirecting the birds journey

from South to North

*Power Of A Poet*

With my poetic power

provided the less fortunate

all over the world, the 3 basic necessities of life,

food, shelter, and clothing

*Power Of A Poet*

With my poetic power

I erased ‘The Gender Gap*

elevating women out of inequality

to same equality

as men’s equality

*The Power Of A Poet*

With my poetic power

granted every country

with the same power as America

I bridged the gap between diffderent languishes

establshed world peace

made the poor, middle class, and rich 1

with no human being having more or less than the other

*Power Of A Poet*

With my poetic power

I taught there are no such value as Royal Blood


while Royal Blood

isn’t referring to blood

but the power of a wealthy and powerful cult, so to speak

*Power Of A Poet*

By: Van Prince


I am a writer

I am a poet

I have in a post

put out, where I originated from

how I roll

I don’t pull punches

I write about what the majority

desire to to write

afraid to write

I write about

that-which I choose to write about

let the chips fall where they may

every fucking day-

I wrote about all these fake ass members

on all the social medias using fake names

claiming fake money and fame

in the writing game-

Between delusion/*&*illusions

85% using social media

is who, they can’t be in reality

opposed to fantasy
15% are real desiring to love, freak, and fuck

love to Cum

just likethe other 85%

desiring the same thing

afraid to do anything

to promote that something

you are nothing

but fake what-nots

on the shelf

scared to be yourself-

I leave wordpress.com members with this:

“Friendship is more valuable than all Ships

on the otherside of the coin

you can be most sure of anthing except people.” _-Van Prince

By: Van Prince

*1 Life*

Writers *&* Poets

by creative content through innovaion

supposed to be the most enlightened creatures

in all cultures

we only have *1 Lfe*-

Writers *&* Poets

know the living in Fantasy

is better than existing in reality

as Fantasy don’t interfer with daily life

yet too many are afraid to pursue untimate intimate

true lovein fantasy

as they endure pain and broken heartsin reality-

to live in pleasure in fantasy it take courage

at any adult age

taking calculated risks

to be joyful and hapiness in fantasy-

By: Van Prince


be Indispensable

never Expendable


when you are beautiful (woman)

when you are handsome (man)

looks get you in the door

talent keep you employed-

you must bring someting of value

to the table except your your raving

appeptite for expensive food and vintage wine-


By: Van Prince


What about *Love*?

Ask myself about *Love*

I did, I know about *Love*

When a Woman fall in *Love*

with another man

she don’t care how muct her present man *Love*

her, she don’t care

she off with her new *Love*

Woman stays with a man out of her *Love*

for him not out of his *Love*

for her, and vice versa *Love*

By: Van Prince

*Pen *&* Paper*

I’m a Writer

I am ‘the’ *Poet

I profess to be greater

than all Writers *&* Poets

of any era

in every area

within all arenas

my ideas are sound

my Quotes are solid

my Poems are profound

my manuscripts for Books

good-better-best than the masters of old books-

I know, I know,I know

some think I’m bragging

others say he’s crazy

think what appease you

say that-which please you

deceased writers

or in the grave poets

are greater than living writers and poets

how dare you allow writers and poets

long ago turned from ash-to-ash-dust-to-dust

as William Shakespeare make more money

for ther content

than alive writers make from their content

shame on you-

I got pen and paper

I write, many writers and poets of today

greater than poets of yesterday

readers, fans, editors, publishers, critics

make writers and poets great

not the other way ’round *&*

lots of writers

tons of poets

elavate masters of old

over themselves by imulating them

copycatting their writings

through paraphrasing their content

never thinking they are greater than the greats,

dead poets and writers (form)

living poets and writers (substance)

never elavate Form over Substance-

I am here not to disrespect the masters of old

who are deceased

here to respect alive writers and poets

who have increased

greater than the masters of old-

*Pen *&* Paper*

By: Van Prince


I turned Zero

into a Hero-

I made Something

out of Nothing-

I turned Water into Oil

enpowered Water and Oil

to never mix

together in the fix

inventing Offset-Printing-

I mashed grapes into vintage wine

circumvented Standard Time

into Daylight-Saving Time

fast speeding my mind

up 1 hour in every way

creating an extra hour of day light

granting getting-off workers more day

to have things their way-

I have written the greatest book

on intimate true love,

titled, *Love In All Intricacies Is Real*

killing it from real-to-surreal-

By: Van Prince