Genius captured lighting

in a class

creating Electricity

bringing Mankind out of darkness

bridging the gap between




Genius influenced an Oil Well

into a can

greasing rust *&* squeaks out of technology-

Genius merged Diamond *&* Gold Mines

manifesting the world’s fist flawless *&* priceless

Wedding Ring-

Genius invented Offset Printing

from the principle of

Oil *&* Water

when in the fix

do not mix-

Genius went deep into math

eliminate old adage myth

brainstorming one afternoon

mathematically landed a man on the Moon-

Genius with a new idea

created Gas in a jar

poured it in the tank of a car

drove Civilization from horse *&* buggy

*&* stagecoach stations

to modern-day transportation(s)-

Genius mashed some Grapes

making Vintage Wines,

trapped Wild Animals

manufactured Fur Coats,

+ caught Oysters

extracted their Pearls

making Nuclear Weapons

keeping Foreign Governments in check-

By: Van Prince


I kiss her right

until she hugged me right

I got deep into her day and night

I hit it right


She downloaded

I uploaded

hitting it

deep humping it

feeling it

she screamed

she creamed

she floated upstream

engulfing me with her hot dream

turning into a passionate reality

beyond her desirable fantasies

*Right It*

my foreplay of pillow talk

introduced her to a new romantic walk

from debut to climax

to the fulfillment max

she paid her tax

influencing me to relax

through her sexual skills

bringing me unusual thrills

from a hot woman

feeling the thrills of her man

in intimate land

*Right It*

By: Van Prince

*Woman’s Intuition*

Instinct *&* Gut-feeling=Intuition

of Woman-

Breastfed from a strong Woman

my Mother raised me, a boy into a strong Man-


is a breeder

breast-milk feeder

pushed 11 children out of her Womb

5 girls, 6 boys=4 writers, 4 artists, 1 doctor, 2 lawyers-


with Grandmamma

nodding approval in the background

handed me the Map

to write a book, titled, *The Gender Gap*

based on Grandmamma-Mamma’s experiences

of observing other Women’s experiences

of prejudice and discrimination

against them by men sanctioned by the male

powers that be

confining Women to inequalities

from the workforce

*&* every part of America

denying Women Equality

men take for granted-

From my manuscript-book Gender Gap theme

from the Uncut Gem

I cut off 1 Jewel dropped into preview

for Americans to view

for those Abroad to see via interview

by all of the major networks:

Woman is the Mother of Mankind

Woman is the Moral Fiber of Civilization

Woman is man’s First Teacher

Woman is Smarter than man

Woman if you encounter a Man smarter than a woman

Woman you meet 1 Man out of 100 with 99 hanging in the balance-

By: Van Prince

*Unusual Rejection*

A writer in a group

I am apart of

think they are a great writer

yet only a run-of-the-mill writer

sent their manuscript for a book to a publisher

1 month subsequent received

a rejection letter

reading, “your writing is fake and cheap in content

akin to a Wig full of Pennies.”

To the publisher the writer

replied, “you are a member of the

Jealous Player Hater’s Association

and I’m suing your jealous ass

for literary defamation and copyright fraud!”

When the writer sought the Literature professor’s

advice on the matter he said, “I thought you were writing as a hobby.”

“Stop player hating,” responded the wannabe writer.”

By: Van Prince

*Only *Quotes* Today*

After a weekend

from start to end

of fun and play

your from work off days

now it’s blue Monady

a return to work

people want short readings

to sober them up

I have spoke

only a *QUOTE* to break the ice

causing you to feel the warmth of nice:

facing *Blue Monday*

making Tuesday through Thursday

welcoming Friday

preceding another happy weekend.” _-Van Prince

By: Van Prince