*I Give To You*

I give you 1 Quote without a fee letting you know Quotes aren’t free- I give to you 1 poem without a fee letting you know poems aren’t for free- I sell you books for a fee authors don’t give books away for free- Now you are a writer Now you are an author Now… Continue reading *I Give To You*

*Wet Weather*

In my part of America it’s Raining for the better right on down to the letter I love Rainy weather- In my part of America we haven’t had any Rain to speak on in several months the farmers are glad Rain grow crops vegetables and fruit are a harvest, $$$$$- In my part of America… Continue reading *Wet Weather*

*Fresh *&* Refreshing*

After leaving the city ruled and govern by air pollution, so to speak, allows me to adequate define *Fresh* & *Refreshing* (for my vacation exiting a stale city-entering the country) where my grand mother reside I walked down a country road smelling the sweet air from honeysuckles and coming to a spring water outlet and… Continue reading *Fresh *&* Refreshing*

*Poetic Pressure*

Poets are under poetic pressure to be Quote sure- Poets are under poetic pressure to be Poem pure- Poets are under poetic pressure to be a book of poetry true- Poets are under poetic pressure to bring readers pleasures- to make themselves and publishers treasures- By: Van Prince

*First Day Of Autumn*

The blazing colors of Autumn are rare *&* more beautiful than the spectrum of the Rainbow yet don’t compare with the mesmerizing beauty of woman Women now know the real definition of their rare beauty, by far, more beautiful than all the different colors of Roses *The First Day Of Autumn* By: Van Prince

*They Make Us Angry*

Before COVID 19 came on stage after the COVID-19 came on the world page lots and tons of people are very angry with very hungry larceny minded bill collectors and advertising callers and especially medicare representatives calling over and over and going over the same shit people are tired of it muthafuckas stop it you… Continue reading *They Make Us Angry*


I rebelled in three colleges and expelled from 3 colleges I am a writer and poet *&* I hung out in colleges with writers and poets- We were rebels and really and truly rebellious and this is how a 3-way conversation went: Van Prince: “My Mind, Heart, *&* Soul hold bounties of Quotes, Poems, *&*… Continue reading *Rebel*


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