*Catch Words*

Catch words create new worlds akin to toys fancinate boys and girls- Mid-catching words of mines capture readers and fans minds from my posts from my comments to other writers’ posts- Such catch words as: It is what it is, been there, done that, copy that, *&* the new catch word: *It’s Complicated* dominate world… Continue reading *Catch Words*

*What Writers To Support*

Some writers support only writers who support their writings I refer to such exchange fair exchange ain’t robbery- Some writers only support their followers those who they follow I refer to such reasoning playing 2-ends against the middle, *&* burning the candles at both ends- I support credible writers where they follow me or my… Continue reading *What Writers To Support*

*Writers Taking A Break*

Writers take a break for many good reasons some for no good reason- Writers don’t want to hear of writers taking a break especially the ones who works are 1-of-a-kind *&* mind-catching- Writers should just go on break not mention it it’s a private situation minus creation, a break from writing innovation really a vacation… Continue reading *Writers Taking A Break*

*Valentine’s Day*

Valentine is on my mind close is my woman’s special day Valentine’s Day is almost in play- Every man may not be able to afford an expensive gift to bless his other half, yet flowers or a box of chocolates show your love in a good way on Valentine’s Day no gift on Valentine’s Day… Continue reading *Valentine’s Day*

*The Power of Love”

Love is the ultimate Power love don’t care what lovers think lovers don’t think love only feel love love don’t care what you think only what you feel By: Van Prince


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