*Falling Of The Edge*

Writers who fuck consistently throughout the year are much better writers than those who intermitten fuck to cum, to orgasn, to climax regularly releases natural creativity within writers to innovative opposed to writers who fuck less release through orgasm less who isn’t never priceless opposed to writers who climax consistenly who’s content is flawless fucking… Continue reading *Falling Of The Edge*


when you take your last breath you have encountered death congrats & honors praising death death isn’t prejudicial or discriminate nor show favortism to the rich, to the famous, to strongest death take the smallest & the biggest when death arrives weathy, treasures, money can’t save you the pope can’t save you, the president can’t… Continue reading *Death*

*Power Of A Poet*

Birds flying South for the Winter fleeting the soon arriving winter of the North with my poetic power made the south cold turning the North warm redirecting the birds journey from South to North *Power Of A Poet* With my poetic power provided the less fortunate all over the world, the 3 basic necessities of… Continue reading *Power Of A Poet*


I am a writer I am a poet I have in a post put out, where I originated from how I roll I don’t pull punches I write about what the majority desire to to write afraid to write I write about that-which I choose to write about let the chips fall where they may… Continue reading *Transparent*

*1 Life*

Writers *&* Poets by creative content through innovaion supposed to be the most enlightened creatures in all cultures we only have *1 Lfe*- Writers *&* Poets know the living in Fantasy is better than existing in reality as Fantasy don’t interfer with daily life yet too many are afraid to pursue untimate intimate true lovein… Continue reading *1 Life*

*Love Only Last When?*

Love don’t last when Love is to *Hot* (Summer) or to *Cold* (Winter) Love only last when love is *Warm* (Spring) *Lute Warm* (Autumn) Hot & Cold bury love Warm & Lute Warm sustain love By: Van Prince


be Indispensable never Expendable true-it- when you are beautiful (woman) when you are handsome (man) looks get you in the door talent keep you employed- you must bring someting of value to the table except your your raving appeptite for expensive food and vintage wine- *Truth-on-Truth-in-Truth* By: Van Prince


What about *Love*? Ask myself about *Love* I did, I know about *Love* When a Woman fall in *Love* with another man she don’t care how muct her present man *Love* her, she don’t care she off with her new *Love* Woman stays with a man out of her *Love* for him not out of… Continue reading *Love*

*Pen *&* Paper*

I’m a Writer I am ‘the’ *Poet I profess to be greater than all Writers *&* Poets of any era in every area within all arenas my ideas are sound my Quotes are solid my Poems are profound my manuscripts for Books good-better-best than the masters of old books- I know, I know,I know some… Continue reading *Pen *&* Paper*


I turned Zero into a Hero- I made Something out of Nothing- I turned Water into Oil enpowered Water and Oil to never mix together in the fix inventing Offset-Printing- I mashed grapes into vintage wine circumvented Standard Time into Daylight-Saving Time fast speeding my mind up 1 hour in every way creating an extra… Continue reading *Creations*


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