*Youth Readers*

Youth Readers who are underage some of my posts aren’t meant for you to read I love and respect you as young writers some of my posts are for adults only you know the ones that are for adults as opposed to youths lots of my posts are for youths but tons of for adults… Continue reading *Youth Readers*

*I Love You Lady*

I am a man, a writer, a poet, my writing gift comes from God above I write about intimate love my love as a man for a woman the lady that is the recpient of my love- Come her lady feel my kisses upon your pillow soft lips hugging you close to me hearing your… Continue reading *I Love You Lady*


Mornings every day the dawning of a new day I rise to kiss the lips of each morning thinking God for awaking me to live another day- I rise in the morning say my prayers, brush my teeth, drink a cup of coffee, and eat breakfast, change from my PJs into my jogging gear exit… Continue reading *Mornings*


Why too many put more time in the past than the present their past is better than their present they invest in the future not the present they imagin their future will be better than their present writers can write about the past and the future they can write about the former and latter only… Continue reading *Today*


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